Seasonal Pies include Apple, Mixed Berry, Apple Strawberry, Strawberry Rhubarb, and Key Lime: 

Large Crumb $18, Large Lattice or Pastry $20


Maple Pecan Pie sweetened with Vermont maple syrup:

Large  $20


Key Lime Pie made with fresh key lime juice, in a graham cracker crust. Topped with fresh whipped cream.

Small $8.00 Large $18.00


Carrot Cake made with pineapple, coconut, and carrots with a cream cheese frosting, with or without walnuts:

Small $21, Medium $32, Large $40


Chocolate Mousse Cake chocolate cake, chocolate mousse, chocolate buttercream, and choice of berry:

Small $26, Medium $37, Large $45


Traditional Vanilla or Chocolate Cake layered with your choice of chocolate or vanilla house made buttercream:

Small $18, Medium $29, Large $38


Strawberry Vaninall Short Cake  strawberries, and homemade whipped cream:

Small $21, Medium $32, Large $40


Vanilla Lemon Curd Cake vanial cake, lemon curd, vanialla buttercream, and choice of berry:

Small $21, Medium $32, Large $40


Flourless Chocolate Cake (gluten free) covered in ganache with fresh strawberries:

Medium $38


Fruit Tarts lemon curd or pastry cream: Small $3.95 Large $32


Chocolate Mousse Tarts: Small 4.95

Tiramisu layers of espresso and rum soaked ladyfingers, alternated with a mascarpone & chocolate espresso cream.

Small $21.00, Medium $32.00



Harvest Cheesecake rich with graham cracker crust.

One Size $38.00 serves 8-10


"You don't have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces - just good food from fresh ingredients".

Julia Child

Mini Muffin Basket

Seasonal flavors baked from scratch


1 dozen $16

2 dozen $32

4 dozen $64

Cookie Basket

Variety of 


1/2 dozen $14

1 dozen $28

2 dozen $32

Country Dessert Platter

Includes assorted bars & cookies

baked fresh daily


Small $37

6 bars, 8 mini cookies, fresh fruit

Medium $52

9 bars, 12 mini cookies, fresh fruit

Large $80

12 bars, 24 mini cookies, fresh fruit

Picnic Basket Lunch

Assorted selection individually wrapped for easy transportation

Small $16.50

3 cookies, 3 bars

Medium $33

6 cookies, 6 bars

Large $66

12 cookies, 6 bars

BIG Breakfast Basket

Assorted selection of seasonal flavors on muffins & scones from scratch


Small $49

6 muffins, 6 scones, 3 butter croissant

Medium $98

12 muffins, 12 scones, 6 butter croissant

Large $195

24 muffins, 24 scones, 12 butter croissants

Quiche Platter

Choice of three veggies & one cheese

Veggies: red peppers, asparagus, tomato, onion, spinach, potato, chives, green onion, green chilies, mushroom

Cheese: Cheddar, feta, emmenthaler

Meat: VT maple ham, bacon ADD

.50 cents/triangle


Small 6 Triangles $13.50

 Mediam 12 Triangles $27

Large 24 triangles $54

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