Did you know that by the year 20xx, it will be Vermont State law for all businesses and resturants to collect compostable food scraps and keep it separate from regular trash. Harvest Market is excited to announce that we have teamed up with (who) to have all of our food scraps taken away and made use of (how).

Just like in the city of San Francisco, all Vermont households will be required to collect their scrap food (rewards, add a few verbs)

In addition to our cood composting efforts, we are proud to be serving our coffee's in commercially compostable cups and lids. (impact on land fills). We also proudly server our prepared foods in copostable cornstarch containers. The clear "plastic like" lids and containers can actually be cut (reword) and added to your home compost pile! It may cost Harvest Market more money to order these as apposed to plastic/petrolium containers, but we recognize the importance/ that Bio Boxes have on the earth. That is our commitment. 

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